230Vac Voltage relay control





* Device that is used to control the voltage value of a single-phase supply, arms the output relay when the voltage is within the upper and lower voltage limit of the tolerance that we have set.

* Ability to set the overvoltage and undervoltage limit.

* Ability to Enable delay time (5 or 10 sec) in rehabilitation or interruption or 2 together


Supply voltage:                             230 V ac ~ / 50HZ

Relay output:                                 12A 250V ~

How to connect:                             Rail Mounted

Housing:                                          Self extinguishing plastic box

protection:                                      IR20V

Operating temperature:             -20 +50 C (-4 +122 F)

Indicative LED :                            Indication relay ON operation

Indication overvoltage

Indication undervoltage