Pumping automation 2 float relays





* Remote control transmitter and receiver device for controlling 2 levels (2 float) level of a tank by removing the

automation line (motor-tank).

* Transmitter with 2 float for two different functions emission level for starting and stopping respectively two pumps

in a PUMP STATION or in two different pump rooms.

* The receiver in the pump provides two ON-OFF contacts to check out pumps.

* A device set is not affected by the simultaneous operation of another similar device set has encoding.

*The device applies to any motor power wiring the automatic engine panel

* It has built-in charger for 12V 7Ah battery to operate the transmitter in case of 230Vac network outage.

* Lightning surge protection  N400

* Built-in solar charger after order







TYPE:                                                           VHF


RANGE:                                                    10KM

CODIFICATION:                                 DIGITAL

POWER:                                                   Receiver 230Vac transmitter 230Vac or 12Vdc

METHOD TRANSMISSION:        Transmission every 10 minutes for 15 seconds

POWER TRANSMISSION:             0.5W