Lcd water level indicator – float relay






* A device that shows us on LCD displays 12 levels of a drilling or tank level.

* The user programm device for the depth of each electrode separately, of high- minimum level of built-float.

* The settings that the user has placed the device persist after discontinuation of supply.

* Combined with hanging electrodes.

* Works with low voltage to the electrodes 12Vol alternating protects and does not create electrolysis phenomenon and salts to the electrodes.


Supply voltage:                    230 V ac ~ / 50HZ

Contact relay output:       10A 250V ~

Select Float Level:              12 programmable levels

Illustration:                          LCD liquid crystal display

Protection class:                 IR20V

Operating temperature:  -20 +50 C (-4 +122 F)

Indicative float:                   relay ON- OFF indicator on the display

Housing:                                Self extinguishing plastic box