3-Phase voltage relay control






*A device that is used to control the fall or increase and the voltage of one or more phases and their asymmetry sequence in three-phase circuits 400 Vol ac.

* The output relay is activated when the supply of three phase is correct.

* Ability to set the overvoltage and undervoltage limit.

* Ability to Enable delay time (5 or 10 sec) in rehabilitation or interruption or the two together.



Supply voltage:                         410 V ac ~ / 50HZ

Contact relay output:             10A 250V ~

Connection Mode:                    Base type 8.

Housing:                                      Self extinguishing plastic box of 8X3,6X7,5cm

Protection class:                       IR20V

Operating temperature:         -20 +50 C (-4 +122 F)

INDICATIVE LED:                       Indication relay ON operation

Indication sequence mistake

Indication overvoltage

Indication undervoltage