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Time relay which enables us to introduce delay in automation devices.

Typical cases of application of the engine start via star-delta connection.

Adjustable time from 1sec up to 63 min. Choice circular Service, Is used in automation required a roundabout possible operation ON-OFF in equal times.

Use of as an electronic timer that prevents for a predetermined time that we put the motor restarting when crash for any reason.

Actuated by a free contact of the relay of the engine power to detect interruption of operation. 


Supply voltage:                 230 V ac ~ / 50HZ

Relay output:                    10A 250V ~

Connection Mode:           Base type 8

Housing:                            Self extinguishing plastic box of 8X3,6X7,5cm

Protection class:               IR20V

Operating temperature: -20 +50 C (-4 +122 F)

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