Counter timer relay user Rfid





An RFID device you use for control and count timing of operation relay from 1 to 5 users.

Use for timing in shared facilities, lights, motors, pumping stations.

In detail, each user holds a rfid key card when the user passes the a rfid key card in front of that device arming its output relay simultaneously counts how much time it Works. If it resets  the measurement stops and the relay disarms. This measurement is stored in the memory and does not reset or change for security reasons. Even in the event of power failure keeps the times in its internal memory. Save up to 5 users. Maximum measurement time 30000 hours.

If overcome then the measurement starts from zero. Each card is stored in only one of the five locations for Safety reasons.


INPUT POWER:                                       230V ~

MAX. NUMBER HOURS:                   30000

USERS:                                                          5

OPERATION TEMPERATURE           -20 +50 C (-4 +122 F)


CASE                                                          Self-Extinguishing Plastic Rag Box

INDICATIVE                                         LCD

OUTPUT RELAY                                 10A 250Vac